BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote
BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote
BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote
BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote
BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote

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BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote

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94% of customers report that the BarxBuddy Remote stopped their dog from barking and improved their human-to-dog social skills.

The BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote is simple to use and guaranteed to be effective, simply turn on the device whenever your dog barks, then the safe and silent ultrasound frequency will gently distract your dog and stop their destructive barking behavior.

Our unique sound is 100% safe for all pets and also cannot be heard by humans!

Our products have been expertly designed to use gentle distractions and reinforcement behaviors to train your dog, unlike other anti-bark technology on the market that uses pain and cruel noises.

"My dog used to always bark when we were out walking and at the park, since using the BarxBuddy this has been completely fixed and he never barks or has bad behavior."

Claire, California



🐾 The Perfect Portable Solution - Our remote is perfect for use inside or outside the house. Use it at the park, on walks or in the car!

🐾 Works Alongside the BarkBuddy - Our BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote is the perfect companion to our BarkBuddy Device. Ensure that you are completely covered by implementing both devices into your life!

🐾 100% Safe - Our Remote uses a unique and completely safe frequency that trains your dog to stop barking. No painful ears, scaredness or sad pups!

🐾 Guaranteed To Be Effective - Our BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote is the only product that has proven and guaranteed results. 99% of customers report that it has helped reduce their dog's barking and antisocial behavior. 

🐾 Easy to Use - Simply point the remote towards your dog and press the button. This will emit a unique ultrasound frequency which will temporarily distract your dog and stop them from barking.

🐾 Doesn't Cause Pain - Other training methods use pain to punish your dog to stop barking. Our device uses a gentle noise that suggests your dog to behave, this adds up over time and makes your dog a lot happier and more playful!

Why Do I Need This In Addition To The BarkBuddy?

All of our devices have been expertly designed to be used in addition to each other. The Barkbuddy is perfect for consistent and automatic training and the BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote is perfect for use on the go and whilst walking with your dog. 

We recommend that both products are suitable for owners with a dog that barks.

How Does It Work?

 The BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote uses a unique and safe ultrasound frequency to distract your dog from barking in a gentle and safe way.

Simply point the device at your dog and turn it on when they are exhibiting barking behaviors and let the remote do the training automatically.

It is proven to work very quickly and is a much faster and cost-effective method compared to old-fashioned dog training.

It is also 100% safe and does not cause any discomfort, unlike other brands that use loud noises and electrical shock punishment.

Set-Up Guide & How To Use

Our device is very simple to use. Simply install a battery and then use it whenever your dog barks. The device has an ON/OFF switch to trigger the unique ultrasound frequency and a flashlight which can be used to increase the distraction for your dog.

What's Included?

1 x BarxBuddy Anti-Bark Remote 

1 x Lifetime Customer Support 

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