Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog
Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog

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Cool Pet Pad - Instantly cool your dog

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93% of customers report that their dog instantly cooled down after using the Cool Pet Pad, whilst 84% followed up mentioning that it had dramatically improved their dog's health and prevented dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Our Cool Pet Pad is specially designed to keep your dog cool, healthy and happy during spring and summer. The unique fabric pulls heat away from your dog and delivers cool and refreshing air - keeping them happy and healthy! 

 See your dog's overall happiness and quality-of-life improve by using this effective and healthy cooling solution! With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that your furry friend will love it!

"My dog used to always pant and be very warm in the spring and summer. We got this cooling pad and he ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT, he never uses his normal bed anymore!"

Claire, California



🐾 Instantly Cool Your Dog - Our Pad instantly pulls heat away from your dog's body and keeps them at a healthy temperature. This is very important during spring & summer.

🐾 Prevent Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion - Dogs struggle to moderate their body temperature and this often leads to serious health problems and potentially death. Our Cool Pet Pad prevents this easily and effectively! 

🐾 Pre-Cooling Not Necessary - Our Pad naturally recharges its cooling technology by absorbing and emitting excess cool air from the open air. This means that it does not need to be placed in the refrigerator before use (although it can be for an increased effect).  

🐾 Keeps Your Dog Healthy & Prevent Death - Up to 23% of canine deaths are attributed to overheating during spring & summer. Easily avoid this with our safe and effective pad! 

🐾 Recharges in Open Air - Our Pad requires NO electrical charging, refilling, or filter replacement. Simply unbox and use it an unlimited amount of times! 

🐾 Suitable For All Dogs - Simply select the most suitable size for your dog! 

Why Does My Dog Need This?

Unfortunately, it is very easy for dogs to overheat. They do not sweat and the only place that internal heat can escape is their nose and paw pads. This makes it almost impossible for you, as an owner, to identify symptoms of dehydration and heat exhaustion in your pup.

That is why we designed the Cool Pet Pad. The pad is the most simple and affordable method to ensure that your dog does not overheat. The pad offers your dog a safe, healthy and comfortable way to cool down.

It is an essential accessory for all dog breeds of any size and we offer a wide range of sizes to best suit your pup.

How Does it Work?

Our Cool Pet Pad is made with a unique blend of fabrics that strip excess heat from your dog's fur and deliver cool refreshing air in its replacement. The internal fabric is woven with a heat transferring metal alloy fibre which effectively conducts warm energy away from the pad and pulls cool energy inside.

The Pad does NOT need to be placed into the refrigerator in order to work, but it can optionally be used for an increased cooling effect. 

Why Do I Need Multiple Cool Pet Pads?

Having multiple pads in different locations will make your dog most comfortable. This will lead to them using the pad more often and therefore maintaining a more healthy body temperature for a longer time.

In order to help with this, we are currently offering an EXTRA 20% off orders of 2+ items from a store (for a limited time only).

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