Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy
Floppy Fish Dog Toy

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Floppy Fish Dog Toy

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98% of customers reported that their pup showed an immediate interest in the Floppy Fish, whilst 35% followed up with a message expressing how much their dog loves to play with it and practise hunting skills.

Our Floppy Fish Dog Toy is specially designed to promote natural behaviour in your dog. The ultra-realistic appearance and movement will have your pup entertained for hours, whilst they also develop their essential hunting skills.

See your dog's overall happiness and intelligence improve by using this interactive and enriching toy! With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that your furry friend will love it too!

"My dog used to sleep for most of the day and rarely kept interest with any toys. That was until I got this floppy fish, my dog absolutely loves it!"

Claire, London


🐾 A Great Outlet - Dog's love fast-moving objects as this is when their hunting instincts kick in. Our Floppy Fish gradually increases in speed to ensure your pup is entertained for hours!

🐾 Improves Mood - Allowing your dog to play releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) in your dog’s brain. This gives them life satisfaction and reduces their urge to perform destructive behaviours (e.g. attacking the couch, destroying wires, etc.). This leads to a happy pup and a happy owner!

🐾 Eliminates Boredom - Dogs require complex activities in order to stimulate their brain. The Floppy Fish is interactive and contains dog-responsive technology that holds attention for a long time. Many traditional toys are not responsive and dogs often lose interest quickly.

🐾 Encourages Natural Hunting Behaviour - Dogs must be able to hunt and play in order to be happy. Offer this to your dog with the ultra-realistic Floppy Fish.

🐾 A More Exciting Experience For Your Dog - Moderns dogs often spend the majority of their time indoors. This is far from their natural habitat which can lead to boredom and sadness. The Floppy Fish gives your pup a real sense of nature which can boost their mood.


🐾 Dog-Responsive Technology - The Floppy Fish is fully responsive to your dog's behaviour. As your pup plays, the floppy fish will move rapidly and simulate real prey trying to escape. If your pup is stalking, the floppy fish will lay still as to try and disguise into the surroundings.

🐾 Photo-Realistic Design - The Floppy Fish has a soft but durable plush feel with professional quality printing. This results in an ultra-realistic appearance to the floppy fish that will attract your dog.

🐾 Everything Included - The Floppy Fish comes with everything you need! The plush fish, the removable electronics and the charging cable.

Why does my dog need this toy?

The Floppy Fish provides the required mental stimulation in order to satisfy this wild-side of your pup. The dog-responsive technology means that your dog is able to manipulate the behaviour of the toy, which satisfies their hunting desire. This has been shown to allow dogs to perform their natural desires and contribute to more general happiness, calmness and sense of fulfilment!

How does this help the human-dog relationship?

Your dog will display many behavioural ranges that are identical to their wild ancestors. This comes from their relatively recent domestication from wild solitary hunting dogs. This means that dogs often lack certain emotions that humans have, which can lead to misunderstandings and aggressive behaviour.

The Floppy Fish acts as an evolutionary familiar object that your pup is able to relate to and act out their natural desires. It stimulates the satisfaction part of their brain and results in a more understanding and happy pet! This can contribute to your pup’s overall attitude and human-dog relationship.

In addition to this, many owners find that their dog is often more appreciative of them when they offer the floppy fish to their dog. This is because your dog sees this as a gift of food (something that is guarded heavily in the wild).

How else can hunting with the floppy fish help? 

Eating Habits

Simulating hunting in your home can allow your dog to establish a more healthy appetite. It will revert them to a more natural state of mind, where wild dogs are more familiar with eating small portions more regularly throughout the day (as they catch food etc.). This reenactment leads to better digestion of their food, fewer stomach issues and reduced vomiting.


In the wild, dogs are not encouraged to hunt in order to find food. It is simply an instinctive process bound into their DNA. Hunting releases endorphins (feel-good chemicals) that are responsible for making your dog happy. This means that a hunting pup is a happy pup!


In the wild, the desperate need to survive and find food is of most importance. In the domesticated world, modern dogs are stripped of this need, which can lead to extreme boredom. Hunting is one of the most time-consuming processes that a dog must undertake in the wild, so your pet likely has nothing to do throughout the day (as they know they are fed frequently). This can often be observed when your pup sleeps for a long time, or laze about all day!


All of these modern issues for domesticated dogs can be solved with the Floppy Fish, which provides a natural outlet for your dogs hunting desires!

Why do I need multiple floppy fishies? 

Having a selection of floppy fish at your disposal means that you can vary your dog’s hunting and playtime. This means that your dog will never know what to expect, this contributes to the suspense of the hunt and to excitement at playtime!

Because of this, we are currently offering 20% EXTRA off all orders of 2 or more floppy fish (for a limited time only, automatically applied at checkout)! Treat your dog today!

What's Included

1 x Plush Floppy Fish Toy 30 cm / 12 inch.

1 x Rechargeable Floppy Electronics 

1 x Charging Cable

How To Use

The Floppy Fish is simple to use! Simply open up the floppy fish and use the charging cable to charge the device. Place the Floppy Fish down and let your dog play away!

The Floppy Fish will begin moving when you dog begins to interact with it!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Floppy Fish Work?

The Floppy fish is an electronic dog toy that uses dog-responsive technology to keep your pup entertained for hours! Simply open up the Floppy Fish and use the charging cable to charge it up. Once charged, turn the Floppy Fish on and close the pouch. Your Floppy Fish is now ready for play time! 

Don't be alarmed if the flopping doesn't happen immediately, the dog-responsive technology is designed to only produce flopping when your pup interacts with the toy!

Why is the Floppy Fish the best dog toy?

The Floppy Fish is a 100% interactive toy that your dog can engage with and stay entertained for hours! Dogs often lose interest in traditional toys, but the Floppy Fish is different!

How long does the charge last?

The Floppy Fish charge lasts for many play sessions, with some customers only having to charge it once per month! When charge time is needed, the floppy fish can be easily recharged with the included cable! 

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