Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better
Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better



Maternity Pillow - Instantly sleep better

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93% of mothers reported that the Maternity Pillow massively improved their sleep quality and length during their pregnancy. Whilst 67% followed up by saying that it made their pregnancy easier overall and reduced stress & anxiety.

Our Maternity pillow is specially designed to perfectly fit your body and provide it with the support you need to get healthy, happy and effective sleep. Simply adjust and place around your bump for a perfect night's sleep

See the overall enjoyment of your pregnancy increase and your sleep quality improve with our unique pillow design. With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that you will love it!

"I really struggled with sleep at the start of my pregnancy until I tried this amazing little pillow. Now I sleep for 9 hours per night and wake up feeling refreshed. It's a lifesaver!"

Claire, California



Reduces Back & Hip Pain - Our Pillow supports your body and bump at the perfect angle. This eliminates rotational pressure on your hips and removes strain.

Helps You Sleep Deeper - Our supportive pillow allows your body to fall into deep sleep more effectively and maintain this for 8-9 hours per night (with no interruptions!)

Alleviates Stress & Anxiety - Lack of healthy sleep adds to the stress of pregnancy. Support yourself through this magical but difficult time with the ultimate level of bump support.

◾Maintain a Healthy Sleeping Position - Sleeping on your side is the recommended and most comfortable position during pregnancy. Our Pillow allows you to achieve this by providing the perfect angle of support.

◾ Fully Adjustable - Our pillow is effective during all phases of pregnancy. Simply adjust the distance on the strap to accommodate your ever-changing body.

◾Stops You Rolling Onto Your Back - Many women resort to sleeping on their back to alleviate the weight of their bump. This is no longer required with the use of our pillow! Simply use it to support your preferred side position and worry no more! 

Why Do I Need This?

Sleeping is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy (during all stages). This can lead to sleep deprivation and cause mental stress and anxiety.

This means that even if you are able to sleep every night, you are likely getting poor quality (shallow) sleep which leaves you feeling even more tired and anxious - sound familiar?

That is why we designed the Maternity Pillow. Our pillow supports you throughout your entire pregnancy and is suitable for all mothers. It allows you to comfortably sleep on your side (the healthiest sleeping position) and ensures that you ar getting high-quality deep sleep (REM sleep). 

Although pregnancy is a magical time, it is often full of stress and worry, which is all exacerbated by a lack of healthy sleep. avoid this today with our Maternity Pillow. 

How Is This Different From Other Maternity Pillows?

Traditional maternity pillows are large, hot, bulky and expensive. They are built the same as a typical pillow using a non-supportive fabric. The large size of them also makes it hard for you to position yourself against the pillow.

That is why we invented our Maternity Pillow. Its simple, small and healthy design ensures that the pillow works around your body. When used correctly, you will totally forget the pillow is even there and simply drift to sleep.

In addition to this. many of our customers complain that other pillows are so large that their partner does not have enough room in the bed. That is why our sleep design is partner-friendly! 

How Do I Use It?

Simply adjust the width of the middle strap to your preferred distance (try a few distances to see what you like). Then rest your bump against one side and allow your hips to settle into the back of the pillow. Use the mini support pillow for an extra angle of support at the front.

Remember to adjust your pillow weekly to account for the changes in the size of your bump.

Fur further assistance, feel free to reach out to our well-trained customer support team and we will be more than happy to provide additional tips and tricks! 

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