Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails
Portable Dog Nail Grinder - Waggy Tails

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Portable Dog Nail Grinder

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Our Portable Nail Grinder is specially designed to trim your pup's nails in a safe and effective way. Avoid using dangerous clippers which can injure your dog and cause anxiety, stress and destructive behaviour buy using the Portable Nail grinder.

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"We could never manage to trim our dog's claws as she was so scared by the traditional metal clippers and she used to always leave terrible scratch marks on our furniture but now she is very cooperative and loves getting them trimmed" 


Liz, California

Product Benefits

🐾 Good for dogs with clipper anxiety - If you’ve tried dog nail clippers in the past & freaked out your dog, our grinder provides a 2nd chance – the powerful but quiet motor makes trimming quick & easy, without scaring your dog. 

🐾 Can help improve your dog's health - Nails with short 'quicks' are healthier & safer for your dog. Long nails are well known for causing lifelong health problems.

🐾 Makes nail trimming enjoyable & painless - Nail trimming with clippers can be a long, stressful task especially when your dogs hate clippers. With our nail grinder, it makes your trimming experience a lot quicker & more enjoyable as it is a lot easier to use & your dog won't put up a fight due to it being painless & silent. 

🐾 Safe, effective & precise - This tool allows you to effectively shape & smooth your dog's nails with precision at all angles. By being able to smooth your dog's nails at all angles, it promotes the receding of your dogs 'quick'.

🐾 Avoid cracking nails -Sometimes, clipping your dog's nails with a clipper can crack the nails - especially if the blade is dull. With our grinder, there is zero chance of cracking your dog's nails or causing your dog any harm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Would this work on a dog that's terrified of clipping nails? Is this loud or makes a loud noise?

Answer: Yes, our nail grinder is specially designed to not scare nervous dogs. Due to the ultra-silent technology, nervous dogs won't be scared by the sound. Most dogs prefer nail grinders. Your dog may be a little timid at first but they just have to get used to the vibration which shouldn't take long. 

Question: How much should you trim?

Customer 1 Answer: Just do a little at a time. I love this machine it’s so quiet that even my dog who gets stressed is good with this product. Look at your dog's nails they should be just about touching the ground.

Customer 2 Answer: My dog's nails are black, I just do a little at a time as you cannot tell how far you can go, it's a lot less stressful than using nail clippers and I have never had the nails bleed with this grinder.

Question: How often should you trim?

Answer: Trim them as often as it takes to prevent their nails from touching the ground when they're standing. The more often you do it the more accustomed to it they will be. We would recommend trimming weekly or at least every other week. As you'll likely see better results, have a much less stressed dog, and experience less stress yourself in the process.

Question: Can this be used on all dog breeds?

Answer: Yes, our Dog Nail Grinder can be used on all dogs. It might usually be more difficult trim larger dogs nails with clippers or other grinders due to their thicker nails. But, with our grinder, it shouldn't be a problem!

Question: How often do you need to charge it?

Answer: It should last for around 3 hours. You would typically get around 36 uses before you have to charge it if you are using it for about 5 minutes per trimming session.

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