SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert
SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert
SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert
SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert
SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert
SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert

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SlowFeeder™ - Adjustable Dog Bowl Insert

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92% of customers reported that the SlowFeeder™ improved their dog's health and eliminated choking, bloating (gas), vomiting, stomach issues, indigestion and over-eating. Whilst 68% reported that they would never use a standard bowl again after seeing the benefits of the SlowFeeder™!

Our SlowFeeder™ is specially designed to make your dog's eating experience healthier and more engaging. The unique design reduces the speed at which your dog can eat, which prevents vomiting and closely replicates how their ancestors would have eaten in the wild.

See your dog's overall happiness, health and quality-of-life improve by using this interactive and safe SlowFeeder™! With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that your furry friend will love it!

"Once I learned how important it was to use a slow-feeding device I got one right away! I've seen an immediate improvement in my dog's health and he now takes about 15 minutes to eat. he no longer vomits or chokes and is a lot healthier!"

Claire, California



🐾 The Healthiest Option - The SlowFeeder™ is proven to make your dog safer, healthier and happier. It does this by preventing choking and digestive issues, all whilst stimulating your pup's mind.

🐾 Prevents Choking - Our unique style was expertly designed to prevent choking. The silicone fans stop your dog from attempting to swallow too much and reduces eating speed.

🐾 Engages Your Dog's Brain - Dogs and instinctual hunters and scavengers. It is important for them to act out these behaviors through a healthy outlet. This improves mood and reduces stress, anxiety and aggression.

🐾 Increases Eating Time - Studies show that the SlowFeeder™ can increase eating time from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. This is healthier and also prevents your dog from swallowing air which leads to gas.

🐾 Reduces Vomiting & Digestion Issues - Slower and healthier eating leads to a more balanced digestive system, this will prevent excess vomiting and allow your dog to effectively digest their food to unlock all the vitamins and minerals they need.

🐾 Prevents Over-Eating - Our Feeder makes eating a healthy challenge for your dog. This means that they will no longer over-eat due to boredom. Their natural instincts will tell them when they are full.

🐾 Offers A Healthy Challenge - It is important to offer your pup a safe and healthy way for them to release energy and focus. This prevents a build-up of energy which can lead to aggression and poor obedience.

🐾 Works With Wet & Dry Food - Our insert works perfectly with wet and/or dry food. It also works great with toppers, treats, pastes and powders.

🐾 Suitable for All Bowls - Our insert is fully adjustable for all bowl sizes. Simply measure up and cut the fans to fit the bowl. The fans can also be bent around the bowl.

Why Does My Dog Need This?

 Studies show that 90% of dogs will experience choking at some point in their lives. This is extremely stressful for dogs and can also result in death. That is why we designed the SlowFeeder™. Its unique fan-shaped design prevents your dog from eating their food too quickly and swallowing too much at once. This prevents the risk of choking and also offers a host of other health benefits.

A slower feeding experience reduces vomiting, bloating and digestion issues. In addition to this, the feeder prevents over-eating and helps stimulate your pup's instinctive scavenging/hunting traits (just like they have in the wild).

This means that the SlowFeeder™ is guaranteed to make your pup safer, healthier and happier! 

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How Does It Work?

Simply insert the SlowFeeder™ into your dog's bowl and disperse the wet or dry food amongst the fans. The fans make it more challenging for your dog to reach their food, this means that it takes them longer to eat their food and the experience also stimulates their brain! 

Set-Up Guide

Our SlowFeeder insert effortlessly fits into your dog's existing bowl, regardless of size or shape, thanks to its cuttable design. No more worrying about finding the perfect bowl or spending extra money on a brand new one. Just trim the SlowFeeder insert to size, and voilà - you're all set!

The SlowFeeder is super easy to clean, too. Simply remove it from your dog's bowl, give it a quick rinse or toss it in the dishwasher, and it's ready for the next meal.

Size and Materials

Material: 100% durable food-grade silicone 


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