SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones
SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones



SnoozeBand™ - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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93% of customers reported that the SnoozeBand™ allowed them to enjoy listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks while lying down or sleeping. Whilst 65% of customers followed up saying that it has dramatically improved their sleep quality.

Our SnoozeBand™ is specially designed with unique ultra-flat speakers so that you can lie down and listen to your chosen media. Listen to relaxing music, absorb relaxing forest/rain sounds or even listen to YouTube videos - you can do it all

See your overall enjoyment of entertainment and your sleep quality improve with our unique and new headphone design. With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that you will love it!

"I use this band to both improve my sleep by listening to relaxing sounds at night and also to watch videos while I lie on my pillow. It's just perfect for both!"

Claire, California



◾ Improve Sleep Quality - Our SnoozeBand™ allows you to enjoy bedtime and play relaxing music/sounds while you sleep. This massively improves relaxation and sleep quality.

◾ Induce Deep Sleep - Use our SnoozeBand™ to play ultra-relaxing sounds to naturally bring your body into a deep sleep - the healthiest state for your body. This improves brain function, muscle recovery, mental happiness and energy levels.

◾ Listen While You Lie Down/Sleep - Typical ear/headphones crush into your skull whilst lying down which causes earache and annoyance. Avoid this and consume your favorite media while lying down in bed - ultra relaxation! 

Reduce Stress & Anxiety - Our headband can be used to relax and alleviate the stresses and upset associated with stress and anxiety.

Improve Mood - High-quality sleep leads to improved mood and happiness levels. Try it out today to experience it for yourself! 

◾ Increase Energy, Focus & Health - Play relaxing and motivational music to elevate your life! 

◾Compatible with all Apps and Bluetooth Devices - Our Headband has been designed to work seamlessly with all Bluetooth-compatible devices and all apps.

◾Expert Recommended Sleeping/Relaxing Apps - Our Sleep-Expert team can recommend and provide you with the best apps for your needs. Relaxation, meditation, motivation or education - we cater for all! 

We spend over one-third of our life in our bed and sleep is one of the most important things for overall health, happiness and energy levels. That is why we designed the SnoozeBand™. Our headband improves your bed experience and can offer entertainment, relaxation, education and meditation.

It is very important for everyone to ensure that they have a comfortable, healthy, and well-equipped sleeping area and nighttime routine. Our headband has been built around this philosophy and can help you instantly! 

Why Do I Need This?

If you have ever tried to use traditional earphones or headphones whilst lying down you will know how annoying it is. The hard plastic pushes into your skull and causes earache, headaches and general discomfort. 

That is why we invented the SnoozeBand™! Our headband solves all of these problems and allows you to listen to your chosen media whilst lying down in bed (relaxing or even sleeping). Choose from entertainment, music, guided meditation or podcasts and elevate your bed and sleeping lifestyle.

We spend approximately 1/3 of our lives asleep or in our beds, therefore it is important for us to invest in this area of our lives to ensure that it is the most relaxing, healthy and enjoyable part of our lives. We have made the SnoozeBand™ affordable to encourage as many people as possible to try it out! We are also offering 50% off for a limited time only and free Express USA Shipping.

What is Compatible With the SnoozeBand?

Every Bluetooth compatible device and all Apps will work seamlessly with the SnoozeBand™

iPhone, Android, Google Phone, Huawei, Nokia (and all other brands...) ✅

Phone, Tablet, MP3 Player/iPod, Laptop, Computer, Smart TV 

Music Apps, Podcast Apps, Meditation Apps, In-browser audio/video players 

Essentially, any device that can play music or video is totally compatible with our SnoozeBand™.

The range of our headband is up to 40 ft and battery life is up to 10 hours.

How To Use This to Help With Sleep?

Our SnoozeBand™ can simply be used to watch/listen to entertainment whilst lying in bed more comfortably. In addition to this, our device lets you upgrade your sleeping and relaxation experience at home.

Our Sleep-Expert team recommends a great selection of apps that can be used alongside your SnoozeBand™ for completely free. These apps offer relaxing/ sleep-inducing sounds, guided meditation and mindfulness practises. Our favorite apps are Calm, Headspace and Lemo FM (available on Apple and Android devices). Reach out to our support team for more information and guidance.

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