SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad
SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad
SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad
SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad
SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad
SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad

Paw Comfort


SplashPad™ Dog Sprinkler Pad

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97% of customers reported that their dog absolutely loved the Splash Pad™, whilst 47% followed up with a message saying that it had helped their dog avoid head exhaustion and dehydration.

Our Splash Pad™ is specially designed to keep your pup cool and happy during spring and summer! The unique sprinklers will keep them entertained for hours, all whilst ensuring they are happy, healthy and safe in the sun.

See your dog's overall happiness and quality-of-life improve by using this interactive and enriching toy! With such a high rate of extremely positive reactions, we are sure that your furry friend will love it!

Studies show that over 50% of dogs show symptoms of heat exhaustion throughout the spring and summer months! - PREVENT THIS TODAY!

"My dog LOVES to play in the sun but it's very easy for dogs to become overheated. I used to always worry about this until I found the Splash Pad. It is just perfect and he absolutely loves it!"

Claire, California



🐾 Prevents Heat Exhaustion - Dogs struggle to regulate their temperature in spring and summer, which can lead to illness and death. Owners can prevent this by using the Splash Pad™ as a happy, safe and healthy way to control your dog's temperature.

🐾 Entertain Your Dog For Hours - Our Splash Pad™ sprinklers are guaranteed to entertain your dog for hours. Our pad is interactive and dogs love to watch and try to rink the sprinklers.

🐾 Set-up In 30 Seconds - Simply open out and plug the hosepipe in to begin playtime! 

🐾 A Healthy Outlet - It is important to give your dog a healthy outlet for them to release their energy. If this is not offered, energy can often be released in unhealthy ways, i.e aggression, destroying furniture, howling.

🐾 Prevents Dehydration - Our Splash Pad™ is also a dog-sized water drinking fountain! This allwos them to play and drink at the same time. All whilst the water keeps them cool.

Why Does My Dog Need This?

There are many stories of heartbroken owners who lost their pups to heat exhaustion and dehydration last year. The most common worry is that the owners never even knew they were too hot until it was too late. Dogs cannot sweat to cool down and their fur means that they can only dissipate heat through their paw pads.

That is why it is so important to provide your dog with a safe, fun and cooling Splash Pad regularly so that they can reduce their core body temperature.

Dogs pant when they are happy but also when they are hot, this makes it very difficult to know which is which. We are running an exclusive 50% OFF SALE with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING to ensure that as many people as possible can get the NO.1 SAFE DOG TOY OF 2023.

How Do I Spot Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration in My Dog?

This is a skill that every pet owner needs to know. Common symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration are:

- panting

- whining

- lying down 

- unusual laziness

- hot paw pads and nose

- acting confused or lost

- excessive sleeping

- always sitting in cool shaded areas

We designed the Splash Pad to help owners ensure that their pup can regulate their temperature effectively - all whilst having fun! 

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